Wednesday, June 6, 2012


GLGE is a WebGL Framework that makes it simpler for developers to create rich web application.
Here is an Car Demo.
GLGE has the punchline of "WebGL for the lazy".

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WebGL Examples

Here is a dynamic list of all the latest and greatest WebGL creations:

Racer - a full featured race car game. Web Sonic - Play Sonic the Hedgehog.
Hello Racer - drive this race car in a white world.
Aquarium - this is an aquarium where you can change the view from either inside the tank or looking inside the tank. You can also change the number of fish.
Blob - this is a blob where balls shoot out of it and then return.
Caves - here you can explore caves.
Collectibles - here you can design your own avatar.
Color Adjust - this example has animations where you can adjust the hue, saturation and make interesting effects like night vision and thermal.
Dynamic Cubemap - this is a well built app that has a room where the camera is spinning around a cube that has room elements in it.
Electric Flower - this is an interesting psychedelic view of moving colors that almost looks like a flower.
Field - here is a grassy field where you can set how much grass there is with "a", "a few", "some", "many", and "lots".
Fish Tank - here is a fish tank with cool looking fish swimming around in it.
Halo - here is another psychedelic scene.
Imagesphere - here is a sphere with images in it.
Lots-o-images - here is a diagram with lots of images in it.
Lots-o-objects - there are many different types of objects moving around the screen.
Multiple Views - this is a view of the last two scenes but on the same screen.
Persistence - there are many objects moving around the screen with some very accurate controls to adjust the movement, etc...
Space Rocks - here is a scene of a planet in outer space with meteors crashing into it.
Toon Shading - here is a bunch of colored rings that can be adjusted.
Book - here is a life like book where you can drag the mouse to turn the page.
Interactive Metal Ball - here is a metal reflective ball that looks like liquid.
Ship - here is a cool looking ship.
Grasshopper - here is a grasshopper.
Beetle - this is a beetle.
Spider - this is a spider.
Rose - this is a rose.
Pansy - this is a pansy.
Moth - this is a moth.
Fish - this is a fish.
Skeleton Finger - this is a skeleton finger.
Shark - this is a shark.
Dragon - this is a dragon.
Spaceship - this is a spaceship.
Jupiter - this is the planet Jupiter.
Fur - this is a fur model.
Fire - this is a fire simulation
Polyhedra - this is a polyhedra.
NaCl - here is a chemistry symbol.
Bond - scroll the mouse to make this brighter or less brighter.
DNA - here is a piece of DNA.
Chemistry - this is a chemical structure.
Fractal Animations - here is a psychedelic animation.
Lorenz Model - this is a Lorenz Mathematical Model.
Linear Waves - this is a mathematical structure.
Vortex - here is a vortex model similar to a space simulation.
Shallow Water - here is a shallow water simulation.
San Angeles - a 3D virtual city.
Particles - here is an animation of particles.
Shiny Teapot - here is a shiny teapot.
Earth - Earth spinning next to Mars.
Many Planets Deep - many Earths and Mars.
Ray - here is a three spinning balls rotating in some 3D world.
Julia Transition - more psychedelic animations.